Manufacturing Process Engineer (MPE)

Posted 3 years ago

Roles & Responsibilities

The manufacturing process engineer assists in the development and organization of plant production operations. They develop successful workflows, adapt to changing conditions, and develop new ideas, procedures and new innovations to the production process.

Responsibilities include: direction and training of employees, monitoring inventory levels and enforcement of health, safety, and environmental policies of plant work rules.

Duties include:

  • Study time, methods, and speed involved in production to establish workflow rate and improve efficiency.
  • Coordinate the purchase of special equipment, materials, or parts and ensure they meet specifications and quality standards.
  • Review the Mechanical Engineer process, its workflow and function
  • Create product specifications and detailed assembly instructions in necessary.
  • Aid and report on work assignments, machine capacity, production schedules, and anticipated delays.
  • Recommend technology or computer aids, product design changes and work space layout modification to existing production standards to achieve optimum quality and efficiency.


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