So What is Corrugated Replacements All About?

Corrugated Replacements assists corrugated box plants in maintaining corrugating/converting machinery by supplying replacement parts and offering other useful services. Many machine manufacturers like Langston are out of business but we manufacture parts to fit their machines as well as other machines new and old.

Corrugated Replacement’s First Machine

A History and Reputation of Reliability Manufacturing

Corrugated Replacements’ company history started in 1981 with a manual mill and two honest brothers. Back then, they machined parts in their father’s building and sold them to local box plants. With a niche for good business and reliable service, Corrugated Replacements saw swift growth. Within mere months of start-up, it was time to hire an employee. Four years later, operations doubled with an addition of 2000 square feet to the existing barn.

In 1988, Corrugated Replacements constructed an 11,000 square foot facility next to the old barn. By 1990, according to magazine BoxBoard Containers, Corrugated Replacements had “earned a reputation for reliability in manufacturing precision replacement parts for corrugated box producers.” With strengths in customer service, quality parts, and up-to-date manufacturing equipment, Corrugated Replacements would see continual growth even after making a huge leap from their foundation in South Georgia.

In 1997, Corrugated Replacements constructed a new 50,000 square foot facility in North Georgia. While an immense challenge, Corrugated Replacements continued operations successfully overcoming many pitfalls throughout the move. With nearly an entire new staff, the company established a new home in the North Georgia Mountains.

Today, Corrugated Replacements has become a major component of the corrugated and paperboard converting industries with 2400 clients worldwide who depend on them for parts and services. Corrugated Replacements has matured into a production powerhouse with over 30 machines from manual lathes to advanced laser cutting systems. Up-to-date manufacturing equipment has provided customers with competitive pricing and a quick turn-around on orders. An eager and experienced sales staff has brought many other conveniences to clients including an extended catalogue offering nearly 50,000 parts and a 24-hour hotline for emergency breakdowns.