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Proper Scoring In Recycled Board

score recycled board

“As soon as that recycled board filters into all the plants, we’ll be receiving a lot more calls on scoring profiles,” Don Kemp, a leading sales representative from Corrugated Replacements, said jokingly to a colleague back in 1997 when recycled corrugated board was first introduced into the marketplace.

When machine operators started running recycled board through converting machines, it became quickly realized the techniques for converting board to boxes would have to change. Recycled board was much more brittle than board produced from non-recycled Kraft liner. This difference made it difficult for previous scores to make a deep enough impression in order for the boxes to fold properly. Many operators compensated for this by increasing the pressure of the score ring against the board. However, this led to what many in the industry call a “rolling-score”’ causing boxes to fold improperly along multiple lines. Without an adequate score, a box will not fold square which can cause problems later in automatic box loaders.

Stone Container realized this as a significant problem and called upon Corrugated Replacements to resolve the issue. Kemp says, “We raised the score in our score rings to increase the score bead so the box would have memory for the fold in the folding section. In addition to this, we dropped the durometer or hardness of the urethane to reduce cracking in the board.” After testing on several machines, the results showed a significant improvement scoring in box converting. Corrugated Replacments decided to take it a step further and asked the question, “Should scores be solid milled or have a small ring sandwiched onto the score head?”

The advantage of a sandwiched score ring was in price; it was significantly cheaper to replace a thin slice of metal rather than a bulky ring. However, Corrugated Replacements discovered in tests that this thin slice of metal could move too easily during scoring. “With a sandwiched style score ring you get irregular wear of the score bead. They have varying outer diameters only after a few months,” Kemp says. This would lead to poor scoring and increased replacement of scores. Even though many different designs have arisen over the years, Corrugated Replacements still stands by this simple design. “We’ve been using this system since 1997 and our customers have been satisfied. They should be. It works well. I offer it to all my customers with confidence.”

5-Axis Technology Delivers

5-Axis Technology Delivers at Corrugated Replacements

Corrugated Replacements, Inc., a manufacturer of OEM and prototype corrugated parts has been in the industry for over 35 years, reports that implementing the 5-Axis machine process has sped up productivity. 5-Axis machining allows parts to be made faster with much more accuracy by eliminating setup times, utilizing transfers and making a complete part in one operation.

Heads manufactured with 5-Axis Machining 

“We have decreased our lead times tremendously because of the technology of 5-Axis machining” said Paul McBride, Operations Manager. “Orders that were taking three weeks are now taking two weeks or less, thanks to this process.”

In 2016 we purchased our fifth, 5-Axis live tooling lathe, a DMG Mori NLX 3000 and our second palletized system mill the Okuma MB-5000 Horizontal Machining Center with a 6 Pallet Station. Both of these machines increase our capabilities while decreasing our part lead times.

We manufacture replacement parts for all corrugated machines including Evol, Simon, LMC, Bobst, Tecasa and many others. If the part needed is not in inventory, our engineering department can work with the customer to design the specific part that is needed. All of our parts are made right here in the United States

Corrugated Replacements, Inc. continues to expand and offers a variety of CNC processes including, water jet, laser cutting, heat treat as well as the traditional mills and lathes. We also offer rebuilds on all equipment with one-on-one customer service. ***Reliability and service to the customer, have made the company a leader in the industry.****

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